M&J Country Kennels

Male Shih Tzus

Want to learn something interesting about Shih Tzus? The hair on their faces grows in every direction, earning them the nickname “chrysanthemum-faced dogs.” At M&J Country Kennels, we take great pride in our male Shih Tzus, strive to maintain their bloodlines, and improve their health, temperament, and beauty. Feel free to contact us with have any questions about our dogs.

Our dogs undergo DNA testing according to breed standards. We are compliant with the conditions of the American Kennel Club and are a proud member of the AKC Bred with H.E.A.R.T. program.

Shih Tzu Graphic


White Puppy

Sammy has amazing personalities. These sweet and loving Shih Tzu sires love to be with people every chance they get. It’s such a joy to have them as part of our family. They’re real snugglers.

Mighty Milo Mikolah

Puppy Wearing A Sweater