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Shih Tzu Puppies

Our available Shih Tzu puppies are listed below. If none are available or you don’t see what you want, please contact us to learn about our future litters and how to join our waiting list.

Bred with Heart Graphic

Current litterS

Date of Birth: 02/24/2024

Color: Gold & White and Gold, Black & White

Sex: 1 Female & 3 Males Available 

Female ShihTzu pic
Female - Teal Bow
Male - Silver Bow
Male - Blue Bow
Male - Orange Bow

Previous litter:

Male Shih Tzu with Green Ribbon
Male Shih Tzu with Red Ribbon
Two Shih Tzu Females

About the Breed

Shih Tzus have a plush coat, a fluffy bundle of fur, and dark, gleaming eyes. They are considered a hypoallergenic breed. Although they are little in stature, they are strong and big-hearted. Families love them as companions because they are playful, charming, clever, spunky, and affectionate. They don’t mind being handled by children. Because they are active, they enjoy short walks and indoor fun. They respond well during training.

Life Span: 10-18 Years
Weight: 9-16 lbs.
Height: 9-10.5 in. Tall (Adult)