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Pembroke Welsh Corgi Puppies

Check out are our Pembroke Welsh Corgi Puppies below. We hope you’ll see what you’ve been looking for. You may contact us for details. 

New Litter born April 2024

Male - Blue Bow
Male - Blue Bow
Female Black Bow
Male - Red Bow
Female - Pink Bow
Female - Purple Bow
Female - Yellow Bow

Previous Litter:

Male - Blue Bow
Male - Yellow Bow
Male - Red Bow
Male - Yellow Bow
Female - Purple Bow
Male - Silver Bow

About the Breed

Corgis are smart, alert, affectionate, loyal, tenacious, and outgoing companions. These strong and athletic dogs enjoy physical exercise and are happiest when they are doing something active and fun. They won’t disturb your neighbors since they have a low tendency to bark.

Life Span: 12-15 Years
Weight: 22-29 lbs. for Females and 22-31 lbs. for Males
Height: 10-12 in. Tall (Adult)

Pet Transport Options

Can’t travel to us to collect your new puppy? That’s not an issue; we’ll gladly work with whichever dog transporter you prefer. If you don’t know anyone, we can provide you with a list of people who have helped our prior new families deliver their puppies. The following are some of the pet transport options:


Pick up your new puppy from our Boonville, IN, location. We are willing to meet you at the Evansville Indiana Airport (EVV) or Louisville International Airport if traveling is too far and you still want to pick them up in person.

Dog Transporter by Car or Van

Many pet transport companies will pick up your new puppy and deliver it to your home. Please let us know if you require assistance in locating one.

Flight Nanny

You can hire a flight nanny to accompany your puppy on the flight to your area’s airport. To ensure the dog’s comfort and safety, the flight nanny looks after it and sits with it in the cabin area.

Pet Air Cargo

If a flight nanny is not a possibility, there are alternatives. Several domestic airlines will transport your puppy in an air cargo area in a pet-safe carrier. You can inquire about ground and air options directly with airlines or dog transporters.